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The Birth of We Care Ministries

In 1987, while serving in a church in Sacramento, California, Pastor Ray Giunta read about the tragic deaths of two young boys in a local newspaper. On visiting the young mothers and surviving family members, he found a lack of services and support available to care for these devastated people. Through this pure desire to help people in times of crisis by Pastor Ray, the idea of starting We Care Ministries was born.

Since its inception, We Care Ministries has grown exceptionally when it comes to reaching out to people and communities and has spread its wings reaching out to communities on a national level.

Our Community Work

We Care Ministries have always been at the forefront when it comes to assisting the community in times of need in the past, as well as in the recent national disasters. In the past three decades, we have supported a bunch of communities.

  • The San Diego wildfires in 2003.
  • Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.
  • The San Francisco earthquake in 1989.
  • High profile shootings in Texas & California.
  • Washington DC area sniper shootings in 2002.
  • The terrorist attack on the World Trade Centers in New York City in 2001.
  • Hurricanes Isabel, Charlie, Ivan, Katrina, Rit, Sandy, Matthew, and Irma from 2003-2019.
ray community work

9/11 Ground Zero

After the attacks on the World Trade Center, as a part of We Care Ministries, Pastor Ray spent 68 days assisting in search and recovery efforts at ground zero. During this time, he helped, took care, ministered the rescuers, and prayed over the deceased as they were wrapped in American flags and removed from the rubble.

We Care crisis responders worked with school and county officials. We took steps to assist children and their parents traumatized by the events. We also attended to the needs of the thousands of people who arrived at some of these events to pay honor to those who were killed.

Sniper Shootings

Additionally, We Care responders have assisted the students and community during the mass casualty schoolyard and community incidents in California, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Connecticut, and Maryland during the sniper shooting.

San Diego Wildfires

The devastating San Diego Wildfires have destroyed 3,000 homes in San Diego. The We Care team mobilized hundreds of volunteers to establish and provide temporary services such as housing, medical care, and food services as well as general resources such as clothing and supplies to families that had lost everything.

Florida Hurricanes

After Hurricane Charley and 72 hours before either the American Red Cross or FEMA arrived, our crisis teams were on the ground serving local and individual needs by establishing and running a disaster relief shelter for seniors displaced by the storm.

We Care provided teams of volunteers to help the community each day by cleaning up the home sites for the seniors and helping ensure their safety. We were a caring presence in the area for 60 days until long-term relief could be established using local resources.

Hurricane Katrina

Four days after Hurricane Katrina, our We Care incident commanders were on the ground in New Orleans and assessed the needs of the local community. We deployed response teams from Nevada, Maryland, and Nebraska, spanning over three weeks.

Our teams played an integral role in assisting the police and military with evacuations throughout the city as well as at the Convention Center and the Superdome. We also provided comfort, support, and encouragement to the evacuees arriving by the minute at the airport before their relocation throughout the country.

Over time, our teams took part in the reconstruction and clean-up efforts throughout the southern Louisiana area.

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